Our History

“We want it to grow in quantum LEAPs, moving far, where online paper editing service only the sky is the limit (TRON is derived from the Greek word ASTRON which means star).” Hence the company name LEAPTRON was born.


Leaptron founded in Singapore in 2002, where the economic downturn had forced many companies to close down. In order to face the challenges, we distinguished from others in terms of culture, products, service offerings and positioning. The three-man company strive to create long term business partnership with customers, focusing on bringing solutions that provides value to their business.


A major turn for the company happened in the year 2005, just 3 years after the company was established. Leaptron was acquired by ISDN Holdings Ltd, with the purpose of strengthening the ISDN profile in providing engineering services and solutions. Since then, with the strong financial backing, we were able to expand the business into other regions without losing the culture, leading edge products and differentiated services offerings. The acquisition has strengthened Leaptron’s position as one of the leader in Industrial Automation Solution provider around Asia. In the near future, we hope to convey a stronger and more unified presence around Asia regions.


Technology together with human focus is propelling Leaptron’s growth. We focus on development, co-developments with partners, training and customization to strengthen and reinforce the working relationship.